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It’s always good – to make an appointment.
It’s always good – to have your license plate or VIN number available.



24-Hour Pick-Up

Next to the Office door is the Key Lock-Box.

After-hour pick-up is simple.  Schedules can be tight, especially when you’re trying to arrange for a driver to get your vehicle.  So you can arrange for after-hour pick-up using our key lock-box.  Just say “put the keys in a box”.  No more rush.  No more pressure.

You just pay by phone, or with a Touch-Free payment.  We’ll put the invoice in your car, and the key in a box.  We’ll let you know which one and it’s combination.

To get your keys, simply:

  • set the combination,
  • turn the knob, 
  • grab the keys, and GO!

24-Hour Drop-Off

The garage door, closest to the office, has a Key Drop slot. Your schedule is tight enough without needing to arrange for rides to get your vehicle to a repair shop.
  • Make sure there is some form of ID in your vehicle.
  • Lock your vehicle.
  • Put the key in the Key Drop slot.
  • Please call ahead to let us know.