Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Most auto businesses work on commission.  WE DON’T.  At most places everyone, from the Front Person to the Techs, gets commission from YOUR invoice.  So it’s padded accordingly.  They list EVERYTHING that should be done to your car… then they try to make it sound like it’s an emergency.

Our team is paid hourly.  Simple.

We separate the SAFETY repairs from the maintenance repairs.  Some things must be done now.  Some things can wait a bit.

That’s how we roll.

Next to the Office door is the Key Lock-Box.

After-hour pick-up is simple.  Schedules can be tight, especially when you’re trying to arrange for a driver to get your vehicle.  So you can arrange for after-hour pick-up using our key lock-box.  Just say “put the keys in a box”.  No more rush.  No more pressure.

You just pay by phone, or with a Touch-Free payment.  We’ll put the invoice in your car, and the key in a box.  We’ll let you know which one and it’s combination.

To get your keys, simply:

  • set the combination,
  • turn the knob, 
  • grab the keys, and GO!

The garage door, nearest the Office, has a Key Drop slot.

  • Make sure there is some form of ID in your vehicle.
  • Lock your vehicle.
  • Put the key in the Key Drop slot.
  • Please call ahead to let us know.

Check-In is a breeze.

With your phone, simply scan the QR code next to the Key Drop slot.  Fill in your name, etc., and that’s it!

For your convenience, we offer a financing option.

We work with Synchrony Bank, simply for your convenience.  We don’t profit from it.

The paperwork takes about about 10 minutes to fill-in and process.  You can apply individually or jointly.

You’ll quickly know how much they will cover. They will either approve the application or not.  If approved, we can apply it immediately to your invoice.  Either way, you’ll receive a letter from them in 7-10 days.

We offer 4% discounts!

Pick any two:

  • Seniors
  • Veterans
  • Public Servants
  • Cash or Business Checks (sorry no personal checks)

A pic or video can help a lot with diagnostics.

Our phone number 651.423.4221 accepts all forms of text, media, and fax.  Just share your pics or vids from your phone.