Auto Repair & Service for Bloomington, MN Drivers

No one knowns and loves Bloomington like Master Transmission does. We understand the needs of those that live in and around Bloomington, the fourth largest city in Minnesota.


Following the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux in 1851, the territory west of the Mississippi River, including Bloomington, was opened to settlers. They named the area Bloomington after the city they were from, Bloomington, Illinois, which means “flowering field.” Later it was established as a post–World War II housing boom suburb and grew quickly.


Bloomington has more jobs per capita than either Minneapolis or Saint Paul, due to the largest enclosed shopping center in the US, the Mall of America. Today, tenants of Mall of America, when combined, constitute the largest private-sector employer in Bloomington, employing about 13,000 people. That’s a lot of cars that need repairing!