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Savage is a suburban city 15 miles southwest of the Minneapolis Metroplex… the 16th largest metropolitan area in the US.

The landing point for Irish and Scottish immigrants in 1800, Savage has grown into a developing bedroom community, absorbing population growth from Burnsville, its larger neighbor. Once a shipbuilding port for the U.S. Navy, Savage is now an industrial manufacturing job center. The city sits within sections of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserves.


Around 1750, Mdewakanton Dakota, settled at Chief Black Dog’s camp near Black Dog Lake in Burnsville. Dakota used the area for fish, game, boating and camping.  In 1852, traders established a small post where the Credit and Minnesota rivers meet.

In 1902, entrepreneur Marion Savage purchased racing horse ‘Dan Patch’ and trained and raced him at his farm. Dan Patch’s notoriety grew as the horse began breaking speed records and with it the prestige of the town. In 1904 the townspeople renamed the community after Savage. In 1906 at the Minnesota State Fair, Dan Patch broke the world pacing mile record at 1 minute and 55 seconds, a record that remained unsurpassed for 54 years.

During World War II, Savage was home to Camp Savage, a Military Intelligence School. Japanese was taught to American personnel. It was later relocated to Fort Snelling. At about the same time, Cargill, Incorporated, began building ships for the U.S. Navy at the newly constructed Meadowland Shipyard.